Market Development


With over 15 years of experience under his belt, YNC has built a strong expertise in market development of recyclable materials.

But what does it consist of exactly?

The ultimate goal of this approach is to find a client for whom your industrial waste is considered a valued and usable raw material.

Our starting point is to put in place a process that will make your raw waste attractive and increase its market value.

Whether it be cleaning, shredding or any other processing step, the goal is to deliver a product instantly usable by the buyer.

Therefore, this product will be much more interesting and appealing to him. In conceiving such a process and in finding the ideal client, we multiply the income generated in addition to establishing a permanent solution.

In other words, we establish between you and the end customer a healthy, sustainable and profitable relationship.

With YNC, nothing is improvised.

Starting with an industrial waste product, we are leveraging our knowledge and our global network of partners to make the most profit.

At the end of the line, you win!

You have the materials.
We have the expertise.

Do not settle for the minimum … multiply your results with YNC!

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