YNC confirm is Ecoleader position by winning Commercial Development Support prize at Envirolys 2016_MG_8824

For many companies, the increased value of industrial waste is a brand new treasure to exploit. Ignored and even unexpected, it is a whole new source of revenue that can propel your profitability and allow you to develop innovative projects that will increase your productivity!

What you consider as useless waste is a potential raw material of choice on the world market. It is time to address the issue and begin to reap the benefits!

Discover the great advantages of YNC’s global approach.

  • Your residues are analyzed and evaluated for a maximum increase in value.
  • Collection, inventory and transportation processes are carefully planned and optimized.You get real results, sustainable and profitable, thanks to the dynamism and experience of YNC.
  • You will improve your environmentally friendly results as well as financial without increasing your operations costs.

YNC buy and sell plastics. 99% of our buying comes from Quebec’s suppliers. We sell plastics here in Quebec as much as we can and ship to over 20 countries in the world.


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