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To play its cards right in the area of recycling, YNC has never skimped on its means.

By working in the field for over 15 years, the company has forged strong business links across many continents, while establishing a very extensive knowledge base of this particular market.

The result is an instinct and business agility unique to YNC!

By building from the very beginning on honesty, reliability and compliance, YNC has an enviable reputation with its global partners, thus increasing the volume of successful transactions and the number of satisfied customers.

In the field of recycling, the network makes all the difference. YNC is a leading player in its market due to its experience, credibility and expertise.

You have potentially reusable materials?We are the best partner to deal with it.

  • An unparalleled market knowledge
  • Expert advice
  • The best prices, without fluctuations

YNC works for you.

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